Thoughtcrime at PAX East

Thoughtcrime at PAX East

Both Ryven and myself (Quinn) will be hanging out at Pax-East this weekend, hanging with friends, posting pictures from twitter, and generally having a good time!  I’ll be running playtests of Dicefighter and possibly Inheritance, and Ryven will be testing out a new game that will pop up on the site after PAX called Good, Fast, Cheap.

Friday at 10 PM we will have ArchFridays Live! in the open gaming area.  For those who don’t know, for ArchFridays is our casual, for-fun Magic: the Gathering League where we play Archenemy on Xbox Live.  A bunch of us will be at PAX-East, so we decided we’d bring the Arch-Friday to you!  Come join us!  Bring a deck, and try to tackle the insane schemes of an Archvillain! If you’re looking to play Magic optimized for fun, sign up on our site.

Sunday at 1:30 PM I host the panel “Saving your Campaign by Game Designing” with Dave Chalker and Phil Menard:

Sometimes, you keep running into issues with your RPG sessions that no amount of GMing skill can fix. You and your players are getting frustrated, and you’re ready to toss out the campaign, the game system, or both. Before you toss the core book across the room, come listen to us talk about how you can change the rules to customize any game to the needs of your own group. Some techniques like making failing interesting, adding relationship rules to a game, or adding personality rules to otherwise flat characters can help fix your campaign before it implodes.

We will be hanging out with lots of great people, and I will be tweeting pictures and notes from the Thoughtcrime twitter account. Want to meet up at PAX-East? Send us an e-mail and we’ll arrange something.

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