Pulling the Trigger: Magus

Pulling the Trigger: Magus

Last but by no means least, my favorite Chrono Trigger hero..   well..  playable character anyway..   MAGUS!!

Grab Magus’ Datafile PDF!



Solo d10         Buddy d8         Team d6

Last Son of Zeal
The Black Wind Howls
Odd Man Out

Might of the Mystics
SFX: Area AttackWhen you target multiple characters with Shadow Magic , for each additional target roll an extra d6 and keep an extra effect die.
SFXElemental Versatility. Split Shadow Magic into 2 dice at -1 step each to deal lightning, fire or water/ice effects.
SFXDraw From the Void. Keep at least one extra Result die in a Shadow Magic action pool, up to three extra. For each extra die, the Entity adds a die to the Doom Pool.
SFXBlack Hole. Step your Effect dice up by +1 against mobs if you use a Shadow Magic area attack to apply a Complication.
SFXDual Tech. When you create an Asset that helps an allied character in a conflict, add a doom die to your action before the Entity rolls against you. Step it up and then return it once your support action resolves.
LimitWeakened Majesty. Convert Shadow Magic to a Complication on your turn and earn 1PP. Recover Shadow Magic during a Transition scene or, on a subsequent turn, by activating Draw From the Void.

Zeal Heritage
SFX: Barrier. Spend 1PP to ignore any Stress, Complication or Trauma inflicted on you. Instead add the level of Stress, Trauma or Complication you would have sustained to the Doom Pool (+1d12 if Trauma).
SFX: Ritual. When you create a Resource for yourself from Mystic Master during a Transition scene, also step down Emotional or Mental Stress.
Limit: Susceptibility. Earn 1 PP when affected by the Masamune or other Dreamstone-crafted items.
Limit: Guilt Unrelenting. Earn 1 PP when you tell the Entity to step up or double a Doom die used against you.

Combat Master d10          Mystic Master d10        Covert Expert d8       Menace Master d10

1 XP    when you travel through time to a new era in search of information about Schala.
3 XP   when you inflict Stress on someone you believe to have information about Schala.
10 XP when you either discover what has become of Schala or abandon your search forever.

1 XP    when you create a new Stunt based from Mystic Master.
3 XP   when you use Weakened Majesty and recover during a Transition Scene.
10 XP when you either create a new identity or reveal yourself to those who thought you dead.


Thoughts on this datafile:

1) I was originally going to give Magus his ultimate weapon from the game – the DoomSickle. Outside of proper context, though, it simply sounds like a dangerous frozen treat and not fit for the King of the Mystics.

2) Don’t misread Guilt Unrelenting as Unrelenting Guilt. This has nothing to do with Magus being unable to forgive himself for past misdeeds. This is the planet being unable to forgive Magus for past misdeeds and endeavoring to punish him at every turn. I considered “Unforgiven” or “Irredeemable” but I decided on “Guilt Unrelenting” because of the sort of inexorable feel it creates when spoken and suggests some really incredible feat of Good(TM) to justify removal.

3) Black Hole relies on a somewhat liberal interpretation of the rules that bears pointing out, if only for the sake of being thorough. A single hero can be ‘rendered helpless’ by pushing a Complication beyond d12 in a way similar to being Stressed Out. The rule for mobs specifically calls out needing Stress to reduce the Team die. Thus by a pure reading of RAW, Magus can not apply a d10 “Being Pulled Into the Void” Complication to reduce a 3d8 mob. However, any Watchers/Entities I’ve come across would be perfectly fine with the idea, so I feel comfortable putting it in writing.

4) Magus’ SFX are a mix of what you get with him as a PC,what he uses as an NPC and what happens to him as major story points. For example, Barrier can work as Magus’ Elemental Barrier (“only lightning damages!”), though you will need to spend a second PP to get the counterattack. Its true intent, though, is to keep Magus up and going at the moment of defeat just so he can witness firsthand the horrors of Lavos..   again.

5) In a highly uncharacteristic fit of editing, I changed the Magus sprite to look more like the official art. (Look at the official art on page 2 and then Google the original sprite. VERY different.). I happen to like the changes – let’s see if you agree with me.

That will wrap it up for me for the time being. Quinn’s itching to do some Event writing for Chrono Trigger so look forward to that! Until next we meet, may your Zeal be everlasting!

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