Pulling the Trigger: Frog

Pulling the Trigger: Frog

This morning’s Thoughtcrime goes deep into the Cursed Woods, looking for the one they once called Glenn…

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Solo d6          Buddy d10        Team d8

Mine Name is Glenn!
Scores to Settle
The Hero?

Legacy of the Hero
MASAMUNE d10                            NOVA ARMOR d8
WATER MAGIC d8                         HERO’S MEDAL d6
SFX: Area AttackWhen you target multiple characters with Water Magic , for each additional target roll an extra d6 and keep an extra effect die.
SFX: Grandleon. Instead of spending 1 PP to add a Physical Stress die into one of your die pools, step your Emotional Stress track up +1 after you resolve the roll.
SFX: Dual Tech. When you create an Asset to assist an ally’s attack, change one ally’s complication into a Stunt for that character.
SFX: Healing Waters. You may use Water Magic to attempt to heal Physical Stress.
SFX: Hero’s Honor. If you have a d12 in two types of Stress when you start your turn, end the Scene as you see fit and remove all of your Stress.
Limit: Out of MP! Earn 1 PP by shutting down Water Magic. Recover during a Transition scene or by activating one of the Entity’s Opportunities.

Amphibian Anatomy
SFX: Cold-Blooded. Step up or double any Amphibian Anatomy power for one action. If the action fails, add a die to the Doom Pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.
SFX: Slimy Delivery. If you include Prehensile Tongue in a healing action and fail, step up Emotional Stress instead of Physical Stress.
Limit: Unworthy. Change any Amphibian Anatomy power into a Complication for non-combat Conflict and gain 1 PP. Remove the complication to enter combat.

Combat Master d10          Mystic Expert d8        Political Expert d8       Athletic Expert d8

1 XP    when you use two Amphibian Anatomy powers in a single dice pool.
3 XP   when you take Emotional Stress being reminded of your one humiliating defeat.
10 XP when you finally break your curse or ignore the chance to be fully human again.

1 XP    when you use the Hero’s Medal in a dice pool.
3 XP   when you visit Cyrus’ grave.
10 XP when you either find a successor to the Hero’s legacy or bury the tradition permanently.


Thoughts on this datafile:

1) Frog’s Ye Olde English Accent is precisely that – English only. In the Japanese version, Kaeru* has no unique speech. He’s also more of a go-getting buttkicker; the knighthood and honor issues are there, but less important.  One retranslation on the latest DS version makes this quite clear.  In the flashback scene where Cyrus saves Glenn from the mob of kids, Glenn states that he didn’t fight back because he knew he’d seriously hurt the other kids if he did (“getting hit hurts…  even for them”) as opposed to the “you’re a marshmallow, Glenn” comment from the original SNES game. This MHRPG adaptation of Frog is based largely on the English SNES version.
*Kaeru is of course Japanese for ‘frog’ but is also a multiple entendre as the word means “to change”, “to hatch” and “to return (home)” as well. Clever, eh?

2) Frog is a difficult character to transfer over in that all of his appeal is character and backstory. His continual struggles with himself, Magus and the legacy of Cyrus are gripping storytelling and he’s carrying around one of the game’s major macguffins, but his Techs are..  well…  “bland” is putting it nicely. There’s nothing he can do that other characters can’t also do. (Compare this to Marle, Lucca and Ayla who have both compelling stories AND unique Tech mechanics in Provoke, Protect and Charm respectively.) With the exception of Grandleon (see below), none of Frog’s SFX are based on Techs. All the Techs are hard-coded into the Powers (Masamune + Prehensile Tongue for Slurp Cut, Healing Waters + Area Attack for Cure 2, etc)

3) The Grandleon (the Japanese name for the Masamune) SFX replaces Frog Squash and attempts to incorporate some of what makes Frog an interesting character – the high standards he sets for himself. In a similar train of thought, the “Blessing or Curse” Milestone is also a matter of Frog’s self-perception. Being transformed seems to physically help Frog and the only people to really mess with him about it are Magus and the Mystical Knights (Flea, Ozzie and Slash). It’s not really about being a frog, it’s about losing gracefully.

4) Every character so far has a sort of mechanical light motif. Marle makes sure no one’s actions are lost. Lucca creates huge dice. Ayla creates lots of dice. Robo can take a temporary setback to boost himself. Frog grows more powerful as he gets beat up.. to a point. So long as he walks the thin line between victory and defeat, he is an absolute monster (pun intended).

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