Pulling the Trigger: Ayla

Pulling the Trigger: Ayla

Today, we proudly present the prehistoric political powerhouse known as Ayla!

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Solo d8          Buddy d10         Team d6

Ayla Head Go Boom
The Strong Survive
Savage Chieftain

Ioka Chief
SFX: Charm. Activate one of the Entity’s Opportunities to trigger the Gear Limit on one enemy power set.
SFX: Wounded Animal. When you spend 1 PP to add either a d10 or d12 of your own Stress to your die pool, do not step up that Stress.
SFX: Kiss. Keep an extra Result die when using Fantastic Charisma to remove Mental or
Emotional Stress.
SFX: Dual Tech. When you use an Ioka Chief power to create an Asset that helps an allied
character in a conflict, keep a d6 Push die for each 2 that you roll. The dice must be used by
the end of your next turn or they are lost.
Limit: Burden of Leadership. Earn 1 PP and step up Emotional Stress +1 when a member of
your tribe is harmed.

Prehistoric Conditioning
ENHANCED SENSES d8                                ENHANCED STAMINA d8
SFX: Whirlwind Attack. When you spend 1 PP to add an extra Prehistoric Conditioning
Power into an offensive die pool, keep an extra Effect die.
SFX: Versatile. Split any Prehistoric Conditioning power into two dice at -1 step or three
dice at -2 steps.
Limit: Born Before Magic. Earn 1 PP when a magical item or effect fails on you.

Combat Master d10          Athletics Master d10         Political Expert d8

1 XP    when you chastise or encourage Kino with regards to how a chief should behave
3 XP   when you rescue Kino from being attacked or captured
10 XP when you either ask Kino to marry you or reject him as consort

1 XP    when you send a message of warning or request for negotiation to a non-hostile tribe.
3 XP   when you offer quarter or clemency to an enemy leader.
10 XP when you accept a whole clan into the Ioka or doom a clan to destruction by denying


Thoughts on this datafile:

1) Ayla is one of two Chrono Trigger characters closest to a straight-up superhero. (Robo is the other.) That made the job a lot simpler. On the other hand, removing all the generic “I hit you harder” Techs from Ayla’s list (Rollo Kick, Cat Attack, Rock Toss, Triple Kick) leaves a boggling set of abilities. She generates a tornado, summons a dinosaur’s tail, steals items and inspires regenerative arousal? In the more free-form context of a tabletop RPG that’s just nuts. Thus some of her abilities are toned down or reflavored to house them comfortably in two power sets. (Dino Tail becomes Wounded Animal, Tail Spin becomes Whirlwind Attack)

2) Speaking of arousal, Chrono Trigger offers no attempt to hide Ayla’s highly sexual nature. Between her Charm and Kiss Techs (equally effective on all races and genders!), her arguably bisexual comment about liking “strong men. Strong women too!” at Mystic Mountain and Kino’s remark that Ayla can “make strong babies” there’s no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with on her feet or off them. (A deleted dialogue line in the game has her wondering aloud if Marle is busty enough to nurse children.) Unlike Marle and Lucca, sexuality is a defining trait for Ayla so it would be a disservice to not represent that somehow. That sexuality is by no means THE defining trait, however; she is also the bold leader of the clan and a powerhouse fighter, after all. Hence I’ve chosen to use more generalized terms like “charisma.”

3) I considered making Charm a PP move, but as an Entity, I will gladly trade an enemy Gear limit for a stepped-up Doom Pool any day of the week.  This is a decision I may regret later but for now I think it’s the way to go.

4) You should notice by now that each character has a slightly different Dual Tech SFX. This is intentional since the Dual and Triple techs are such a vital part of the Chrono experience. We feel that there’s enough potential packed into the Dual/Triple Tech system to allow for several different expressions. If each character’s signature Dual Tech SFX is sufficient for your game, great! Have fun! We will also be producing special shared power sets that two or more characters can activate together for additional effect, closer to the mechanical representation of Dual and Triple Techs in the video game. I would personally use the Dual Tech SFX for Dual Techs and unique shared power sets for Triple Techs but again, merely my preference. There’s plenty of design space to accommodate different preferences.


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