Icons of the Schism: The Steam King

Icons of the Schism: The Steam King

Built of cogs and gears and fueled by steam and hate and fellrock, the Steam King is the living representation of the dark side of ingenuity. Once the a promising engineer in the fledgling Beltzhoover Engineering Academy, he quickly advanced through the ranks. As his skill and inventions grew, they began to take a darker turn. His inventions went from steam-powered soil-tillers to automated torture engines. By the time his superiors thought to speak to him, he had already surpassed them and in the period of a decade, became the headmaster of the Academy.

That was 100 years ago.


“I have done all the requisite calculations and it simply most efficient if you die screaming. You’re screams will power that torture rack, and that joy I’ll derive from it is incapable of measurement. So, scream louder please.”

Usual Location

The Steam King can be found in the seat of Beltzhooveran power, the capital city Ingenuity. He occasionally joins an expedition when a powerful artifact or a particularly rich deposit of fellrock has been found. It is more common to see one of his many doomsday engines across the land however.

Common knowledge

Having outlived several kings, each with different thoughts and reservations about the Academy and its role, The Steam King tired of this and has taken over within the last ten years. He has since expanded the role of engineering in every day live in Beltzhoover. Preserved by technology, he seeks to spread his influence more aggressively. It is said his wars are actually ways for him to acquire more fellrock and more artifacts to power ever more devious devices.

His knights and holy warriors are engineers and inventors given to their darkest urges, each eager to outdo each other with depraved engines of war and torture in service of their king.
Adventurers and the Icon
The Steam King respect brains, but hates everyone. Evil adventures can ally themselves with the Steam King for special access to the Academy as long as they continue to impress the Steam King. Other heroes will spend most of their time tearing down the inventions he has set upon the world.


The Steam King cares for none of the other Icons. He will take actions when they are in his self-interests. He is rumored to have made a pact with the Usurper to achieve the position he is in today. He sometimes threatens the speaker into giving him information or access that he needs.


The Steam King cares for none of the other Icons. The Muse, however is anathema to him. She represents all that is irrational and forgotten and forbidden to him now. With her songs she speaks to and of the soul. He would make a great sacrifice and pay a great price to destroy her. The Steam King is fighting on multiple fronts, and the Twin Serpents are one of those fronts. The Prisoner has declared the Steam King his enemies for reasons few know.


Engineering advanced in Beltzhoover with the Steam King; there are no places as technologically advanced as the warlike kingdom. Even when people are attempting to learn from defected engineers and the remains of war engines, there seems to be something about the Steam King’s technology which is more magical then invented.

The True Danger

If the Steam King finds the artifact he’s looking for,ancient machines will rise from the earth.

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