Bessie Coleman, Aviator

Bessie Coleman, Aviator

Lots of great stuff coming in from folks lately.

Bessie Coleman

From Cool Chicks From History:

Bessie Coleman (1896-1926) was the first African American woman to earn an aviator’s license.  Unable to find anyone willing to train a black woman to fly in the US, Bessie learned French so that she could learn to fly in France.  She was the first American of any race or gender to earn an international pilot’s license.

Bessie died at age 34 during a test flight for an exhibition in Jacksonville, Florida.

Doesn’t she sound like a character who belongs in Spirit of the Century?  Judd Karlman thought so too, and he sent me this PDF with Bessie Coleman .  Thanks Judd!


The fine folks at Machine Age Productions put up a great post with a crash course on some African History. I definitely suggest you check it out.

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  1. I toyed with the idea of making the plane an Artifact, some kind of magical plane that evades death but scrapped it. I don’t like to have that many stunts for just one shtick but it seemed to fit.

    Thanks, Quinn!