Black History Month: The End?

Black History Month: The End?

So Black History Month is over.  Time to forget about everything until next year, right?

Nope.  I think that enough people were interested into the folklore/culture pieces that we will try to make that a regular once a month (at least) item.

I still have a lot of things to say about hip hop and RPGs that will be coming soon.

I should add that I hate having to talk about inclusiveness and what it takes to expand the demographics and read of RPGs.  Hate it.  But I hate more that the appeal of RPGs is still so limited.  I love RPGs a lot, I’ve loved them for the last nearly three decades of my life.  I want my son to feel comfortable playing them, and all of his friends and their friends.  I want roleplaying to be something that fits in with whatever else they are doing. I want them not to feel isolated or alone inside gamer culture. So I have to do this.  I’ve been intimidated in the past by the resistance of the culture to change, but I’ve decided to use my fear as fuel.

I’d rather just be working on my own individual bliss.  I don’t really want to be known as the ‘diversity guy’ or the ‘black game designer’. I think I’m a decent game designer in my own right, and I hate having this asterisk applied to something I spend so much time on. But you know what? I’m proud to be a black game designer, and I’m happy to do the industry the favor of trying to expand its reach.

I am driving towards making more inclusive products, helping people make more inclusive products, and supporting products that broaden what fantasy is. I’m sure there are many people who don’t think I can do this, or that it doesn’t need doing.  That’s your right to believe what you will.

I really hope you enjoyed the content we provided this February.  If there was something you wished we drilled into more, let us know!

I want to thank everyone who supports Thoughtcrime’s mission of making good games for everyone.  We are taking time in the blog to analyze what we like about this hobby and learning how to spread it.  The goal is to make games that are accessible in time spent and in demographic reach.  I personally believe that the future of our hobby lies here if it has a future (I am pretty sure it does).

I want to thank in particular this month, in no particular order: Chris Chinn, Ryven Cedrylle, Tracy Hurley, Milton Davis, Jeremy Morgan, David Hill, Filamena Young, Judd Karlman, Raymond Terry, Richard Rogers, Meguey Baker, Emily Care Boss, Mark Diaz Truman, Kip Hampton, Eric Duncan, Ryan Macklin, John & Brianna Sheldon…I’m sure there is someone I forgot here, but hopefully not! There have been a lot of awesome people actively supporting and boosting our mission this month.  Thank you all.

Last, to my incredible wife and my amazing son: The future is ours.

The only thing ending in February is complacency.

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5 Responses

  1. Awesome! Y’know, this’s inspired me, I think. First off, I want to read all the articles more thoroughly. Second off, I’m working on a joint project that has to do with the mythic figures of the world…and there’s some rather substantial gaps in my knowledge (the ever-popular Anansi pretty much being my only knowledge of African myth). That could use some fixing.

  2. Yes! This is a beautiful post.

    I remember a few months back, I posted on a G+ thread talking about how I felt weird making my work “Mexican-American” and that I wasn’t even sure what that meant or looked like. And I got a really positive response from the community, and that gave me the confidence to jump on Liam Burke’s Dog Eat Dog hack project to write something about immigration. It was so hard for me to bring that to the table before I got the courage to speak it out loud. My fear became my fuel too!

    “The only thing ending in February is complacency.”

    Seriously. This is my new motto. We’re all in this together, pushing our hobby, which is growing to be so diverse and different and awesome, to take those last few steps. Sometimes cultures are like magnets, they get harder to push together until they click together and make something strong and awesome. I think we’re pretty close to the click…

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading this month, even if I haven’t commented that much.

    For what I’d love more about:

    Game-able culture summaries. Something where I can file off the serial numbers and insert the culture(s) into a setting, the same way I could do with a pseudo-Greek, Byzantine, Roman, or European nation.

    I like the idea of the mythic figures as well, but the cultures for different types of nations is my first love/choice.

  4. I don’t tend to comment much, but I wanted to say I’ve found your posts extremely interesting. During this month and outside it as well. Thanks muchly for doing what you’re doing.

  5. Hi! I just followed a link here from Gnome Stew. Good article. I was thinking the other day about the lack of black people in Malifaux. I find that strange since it’s supposed to be in the U.S. and has Asians and Latinos.
    I look forward to reading through your site, here.