Black History Month Links Roundup #2

Black History Month Links Roundup #2

Hey, feeling a bit under the weather which has kept me away from finishing more historical posts.  There have been many cool links to share with you, however, so we’ll get to it.


I was on the panel “Escaping the Legacy” with Richard Rogers (moderator) , Emily Care Boss, and Meguey Baker.  It was a lot of fun and I think it is a pretty neat listen.

Sarah Darkmagic continues to make some awesome posts as she covers the Mino, warrior women of Dahomey.

Chris Chinn covers a great Zulu-inspired coming of age story that I’m actually playing in, “The Path of the Nokwazi”. He also has since written some smart stuff about what inclusion in the RPG space should entail.

365 Days of Black Heroes is an amazing project that ended in December.


Sorry for the short post today.  Will lengthen things when I feel better.




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