Black History Month, RPG Edition: Interesting Links and Posts.

Black History Month, RPG Edition: Interesting Links and Posts.

Folks have really been getting into the spirit of RPG Blogging for Black History Month.  I wanted to do a quick roundup of interesting links, knowing that there will be plenty more coming!

  • Milton Davis pointed me to an interesting piece he wrote on pre-colonial Sudan.
  • Sarah Darkmagic covered interesting personalities like Zora Neale Hurston and Edna Adan Ismai
  • Jeremy Morgan did a Fate Core version of Ryven’s SotC Ibn Battuta writeup.
  • Jeremy also did a write up for Ashanti religion. This is definitely ripe for use in a game world.
  • Daniel Solis talked about a Mansa Musa board game that I’d like to try.
  • Charles Saunders does a write up of the Ki-Khanga anthology. This anthology ties into an RPG currently in playtest mode.
  • On February 16th I will be part of the Indie+ panel “Escaping the Legacy” (Google Hangouts at 7 PM EST), which is about breaking roleplaying games away from the typical Eurocentric model. The rest of the panel is full of awesome people like Emily Care Boss, Meguey Baker, Richard Rogers (moderator), and Stacey Dellorfano.  Come check it out, and if you can’t I’m sure it will be recorded.
  • Last, I wanted to tell you about Wagadu: Home of Sword and Soul.  This a tight knit community of fans and creators of Sword & Soul.  I’ve been hanging there and the people are really awesome. It’s a nice change from many RPG forums where I’ve felt a little off, especially as a PoC.  All are welcome, not only PoC, so sign up and tell them we sent you!


Anything interesting that I’ve missed?  If so, let me know in the comments.

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