What is Thoughtcrime?

Thoughtcrime is a home for boundary-pushing game design and gaming techniques. Unburdened (but not uneducated) by what tabletop games “should” be, we seek to build games that highlight and show what tabletop games can be. We build on a platform of transparency in our work and analysis. We find ways to use technology to enhance and transform the tabletop experience.

Who is Thoughtcrime?


Quinn Murphy

Quinn Murphy is the chief mastermind behind Thoughtcrime Games. The former primary contributor and editor of the Ennie-nominated site At-Will, Quinn’s work can be found in Kobold Quarterly, Dragon, and the Open Design book Lost City, as well as numerous playtest credits. Games of all kinds ignite his passion, which is said by many to be highly contagious.

He lives an incredibly full and blessed life with his wife Anna & his son John Henry in Lowell, MA. You can see him from orbit pontificating on twitter and discussing the next great thing with anyone who e-mails him with thoughts.


Ryven Cedrylle

When not working his job as a pharmaceutical chemist, Ryven Cedrylle can be found in his native habitat – the Internet – playing games, shooting the breeze on Google+ and plotting the downfall of RPG civilization as we know it with the other members of Thoughtcrime Games. He is also an avid podcast junkie, having guest appearances on The Power Source, Jennisodes, The Bear Swarm!, and Backseat Producers among a few other minor spots here and there. Ryven was a regular contributor to the At-Will Blog and was a playtester for the TechNoir and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying RPGs.

Ryven hails from Durham, North Carolina – the City of Medicine, Minor League Baseball and Chicken’N’Waffles. He lives with his wife and three cats and, due to some unresolved medical issues, is looking to adopt children.


David Welsh

David Welsh is a passionate writer whether he is critiquing games, toiling on a novel, or editing a technical manual. He is a co-founder of Guilt Free Games, former News Editor of GameSalute.com, and occasional cast member of the Myriad Games Podcast. His first published poem appeared in Street Root Magazine.

David plays games for fun and imagination, which works out since he’s never any good. He can be found slamming at the skatepark, exhausting himself in kickboxing lessons, or scribbling stories at his local coffee shop. David married his high school sweetheart, Ashlee, and they live in Nashua, NH with their Italian greyhound, Scooby.

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