RPG Blogging in February, Diaspora Edition

RPG Blogging in February, Diaspora Edition

I’m going to focus my blogging on gaming from an afrocentric viewpoint during February.  I don’t really want to tackle social issues, not because they aren’t real and not important, but really…I’m just tired of arguing with people.  I’ve found that people can see the issues or they can’t, and the people who can’t see the issues want to argue about it forever.

I want to educate, create, and celebrate.  I want to make gaming related material with a specific bent and share it with Thoughtcrime readers. Settings, sources, maybe interviews….I’d like to create the things in game I’ve always wanted to see (as much as I can without a normal game dev cycle) and see what folds out.

Everyone is welcome, but it would be really awesome if black creators where involved on this for what I hope are obvious reasons.  The less-obvious reason is that, man…I don’t know of that many black creators in the tabletop space.  I tried to get a list a long time ago but that list is SMALL.  I’ll put some focus on the people I know in that list, and I’d love to discover people I don’t know ( talk to me! )

If you have something you think is interesting for Black History Month and tabletop gaming, please submit it via our form.  I’ll do weekly roundups in February in addition to my regular sweep of blogging and I’ll include your submission there.

What I’m hoping for are settings or elements inspired by mythology.  I’m pretty not-interested in slavery or social justice material unless you’re making something seriously awesome like Steal Away Jordan. I am very uninterested in blaxpoitation stuff. Art, historical references, discussions of mythology, reviews of products in the theme –stuff like this is great, and I’d love to see it and share it with other people!

Looking forward to hearing from you and looking forward to this experiment!

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  1. Hi quinn, we’re building a sword and soul RPG as we speak. Beta copies are going out and the artwork has begun. We’d love to talk about it.

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  3. This Kickstarter recently ended last month, but it is a great example of non-Eurocentric fantasy. Check it out. Plus the creator, Allen Turner, has appeared extremely open and engaging in any social media interaction I’ve witnessed. Good people deserve good things.