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Marvel Mondays

Marvel Mondays

If you are following us on twitter, you probably already know about Marvel Mondays. For the rest of you, Marvel Mondays is Thoughtcrime Games’s live-streaming game of the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. Right now our group is moving through the first stages of the Civil War, where the actions of heroes and villains are being taken as justifications for or against the Super-Hero Registration Act. In the current session, the power is out in NYC (just a few months after the Breakout event too!) and many of the people in the citizen rage in a massive riot. Something’s not right, and the heroes have to figure out what’s happening fast!

The story is fun, but it’s even more fun because of how we are getting there. I run the game with a very heavy improvisational bias, but also we have a chatroom for the live audience, where they are allowed to suggest scene distinctions and participate in other ways. Affectionately titled “The Bullpen”, the live chat audience adds an incredible third element to our games that really rocks.

So, I recommend you check us out this evening at 8:00 PM EST. Sessions last around two hours and we have a lot of fun. If you are curious about Marvel, you can see our group’s take on it, or if you are just want to help tell a cool comic book story that is also a great reason to join us.

If you’re curious to see older shows, you can check out our youtube channel to catch up.