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Soundcrime #3: Crusaders in the Dark

Soundcrime #3: Crusaders in the Dark

Last time on…SOUNDCRIME!

Heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, and Invincible face their foes with quips and wit, so they need hope and optimism their soundtracks. But other heroes mete justice from the shadows, skulking their criminal prey,  and there’s no room for joking during an inner monologue.

Many superhero stories have their highs and lows, which is why some albums crossed between the “Champions of Light” playlist and this new edition. I’ve focused on some of the darker and grittier tracks for games that are about clearing the dark of monsters, not lighting a beacon of hope.

This is a score for vengeance.


Henry Jackman – “Magneto”


As with “Champions of Light,” we begin with a song from the X-Men: First Class soundtrack. Magneto never thinks of himself as a villain. The best bad guys never do. His theme captures the essence of heroes ready to break a few rules to do what they think is right. But how far over the line are the heroes ready to go?

Danny Elfman- “Rooftops”

Midnight Patrol

Studios rushed to imitate the success of Tim Burton’s Batman films in the 90s, which meant Danny Elfman was in high demand. “Rooftops” is off of the Dick Tracy soundtrack, and what respectable eventide angel doesn’t dash across city rooftops?

Ramin Djawadi- “Blade’s Back”

The Investigation

Vigilantes are often at the crime scene long before the Commissioner’s phone rings. This song from Ramin Djawadi (whose work might be more familiar to you from Game of Thrones), is the perfect background for detective work.

Patrick Doyle – “Frost Giant Battle”

Thugs, Minions, and Mooks

The Thor I’m most familiar with usually has a smile on his face, but while I have’t seen the film, Patrick Doyle’s score seems brooding enough that I have four tracks from it here. They’re sweeping and impressive, and I think “Frost Giant Battle” is ideal for the scene where the Big Bad Evil Guy escapes his hideout and leave the heroes to deal with his underlings. This track feels like time is running out.

Hans Zimmer – “…To Die For”

The Sun May Rise Again

There are several Zimmer songs from the Nolan Batman films, so why highlight this track from The Lion King? It simply kicks ass. This is showdown music. But it cuts to a somber tone as it ends. While Simba mourned Mufasa’s death, there is an air of “life goes on.” The dark path that many heroes follow doesn’t always lead to a happy end, but they never give up, and they always live to fight another night.


Crusaders in the Dark- A Supers Gaming Soundtrack

Recommended Games: Marvel Heroic RoleplayingDC Adventures, ChampionsIcons.

1. Henry Jackman – Magneto (X-Men: First Class)
2. Henry Jackman – Let the Battle Commence (X-Men: First Class)
3. Henry Jackman – Mutant and Proud (X-Men: First Class)
4. Danny Elfman – Main Titles (Dick Tracy)
5. Danny Elfman – Rooftops (Dick Tracy)
6. Hans Zimmer – Antrozous (Batman Begins)
7. Hans Zimmer – Molossus (Batman Begins)
8. Danny Elfman – Return of the Machines (9)
9. Alan Silvestri – Useless Crucifix (Van Helsing)
10. Alan Silvestri – Werewolf Trap (Van Helsing)
11. Shirley Walker – Ski Mask Vigilante (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)
12. Shirley Walker – Phantasm and Joker Fight (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)
13. Hans Zimmer – I’m Not a Hero (The Dark Knight)
14. Hans Zimmer – Like a Dog Chasing Cars (The Dark Knight)
15. Guy Michelmore – The Panther (Ultimate Avengers 2)
16. Guy Michelmore – Awaken the Hulk (Ultimate Avengers 2)
17. Guy Michelmore – Stone Men From Saturn (Planet Hulk)
18. Guy Michelmore – Hulk – Thor Battle 1 (Hulk vs Thor)
19. Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith – In the Tunnels (The Rock
20. John Ottman – The People You Care For (Superman Returns)
21. Hans Zimmer – Black Smoke (Angels & Demons)
22. Ramin Dwjadi – Blade’s Back – Clean (Blade: Trinity)
23. Patrick Doyle – Crisis In Asgard (Thor)
24. Patrick Doyle – Hammer Found (Thor)
25. Patrick Doyle – Earth to Asgard (Thor)
26. Patrick Doyle – Frost Giant Battle (Thor)
27. Danny Elfman – Descent into Mystery
28. Danny Elfman – Attack of the Batwing
29. Danny Elfman – Up the Cathdral
30. Guy Michelmore – City Battle (Dr. Strange)
31. Guy Michelmore – Hulk vs Wolverine Main Title (Hulk vs Woverine)
32. Guy Michelmore – Escape from Department H (Hulk vs Woverine)
33. Danny Elfman – Doc Ock Suite (Spider-Man 2)
34. Alan Silvestri – Training the Supersoldier (Captain America)
35. Alan Silvestri – Troop Liberation (Captain America)
36. Alan Silvestri – Howling Commando’s Montage (Captain America)
37. Hans Zimmer, Walt Fowler – Strength and Honor (Gladiator)
38. Hans Zimmer – …to Die For (The Lion King)